Trackless 100t Transfer Carts

Trackless 100t Transfer Carts

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-Operating principle                                                                                                                                               
The BWP series trackless transfer car consists of a power source, gear train, steel structure bearing frame, steering gear, running gear, control system, and fault diagnosis module. Usually, the accumulator is chosen as a power source.

1. Brushless DC motor
2. Storage battery set
3. Active wheel
4. BC series intelligent charger

BWP series electric transfer cars have the advantages of simple operation, large starting moment, smooth driving, silent steering, etc. Besides, they also have the unique advantages brought by their structure, they are not restricted by track, and can turn freely from left to right in the flat site, which is convenient to use.

-Application                                                                                                                                                            Automatic workshop
Processing workshop
Steel structure workshop
Large storage
Logistics warehouse
Rated load(t):                         (Customized)
Maximum impact load(t):         (Customized)
The frame structure:                 Welded-Steel Plate Construction
Overall dimensions(mm):         (Customized)
The overall height(mm):         (Customized)
Minimum turning radius(mm):     (360 degrees of freedom rotation)
Turning method:                 Turn around while running
Turning electronic control mode: Electric button control
Steering mechanism:                 Mechanical
The wheels material:                 ZG55+polyurethane

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