Coils handling rail transfer trailer powered by rails system

Coils handling rail transfer trailer powered by rails system

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The transfer machine is powered from two railways. The AC power is stepped down low voltage and connects separately with rails. The cart driving mechanism gets the power by wheels from railway. The cart starts, stops, goes forward and backward by wheels movement.

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>> Features:

Transfer machine with largest span
Transfer machine with largest rail gauge
Double motor driven
Low-voltage rails powered
Hollow design for the top of the machine
Connections of the U-steel(#16), box girder and reinforcing plates ensure the firmness of the cart frame

>> Characters

Handling round and easy rolling heavy items
Suitable for high working frequency
Applied in high temperature and explosive environments
The low-voltage rails can not be applied in places with lots of water, humidity and dusts
Steady running
Transfer oversize material(overlong & overwide), such as steel bar, steel rail, steel pipe etc.
Handling overlong construction material, including PVC material, porcelain, underground drain lines, etc.
Other special cargoes in construction field.


Steel pipe transfer machine

Load Capacity


Table Size



10 pieces U-steels(#16) added



Drive System

Double motor driven


Hollow cart frame; box girder; little deformation

Power Supply Mode

Low-voltage rails powered

Safety facilities: includes alarming system and E-STOP, Bumper, Automatic stop, etc
The dimensions(length & width) of the rail trailer are designed as per your actual needs
The capacity is ranging from 1MT to 300MT.
Both rail type and steerable type(without rail) are available.
The machine can be applied in severe conditions, such as high temperature and explosive environments.

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