Outdoor double beam goliath gantry crane

Outdoor double beam goliath gantry crane

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The lifting mechanism is composed of motors, reducer, drum, wire rope , hook and brake etc.
The hooks' up and down can be achieved by controlling motor's positive and negative motion.
All those functions can achieved by controlling the electrical equipment.

>> Product presentation

Ce Certificate Double Beam Goliath Gantry Crane
Double Beam Gantry Crane

>> Features:

◆ Equipped with winch or trolley for lifting device
◆ Heavy size crane traveling in tracks
◆ Power is supplied by cable or slide wire
◆ Also can equipped with many lifting device for special work
◆ The end truck adopts high strength bolt connection
◆ Double trolleys are for large capacity

>> Product Basic Item:

1- The gantry crane consists of a bridge traveling mechanism, trolley, electrical equipment components.
2- Bridge with box welded structure, with each driver traveling mechanism.
All agencies are in the control room manipulation.
3- Crane conductive form is divided into two kinds of cables and trolley line, a choice of ordering.
4- This heavy duty crane used to fill orders when the specification sheet shall indicate the working environment when using the minimum temperature and maximum temperature and power supplies.

A gantry crane or portal crane has a similar mechanism supported by uprights, usually with wheels at the foot of the uprights allowing the whole crane to traverse.

1- This gantry crane has hard surface gear reducer and steel rope and three-in-one transmission mechanism.
2- Double Girder Gantry Cranes can be outfitted with either crane hooks or grapples.

Protective device:
The electric devices adjust speed without contactor spark module and fulfill frequency converter function to reach mini-speed and double speeds, which make traveling and lifting very steady.

Excellent parts of heavy duty crane:
1- The heavy tool trolley features four wheels with the center axis set higher to prevent binding. With a higher capacity and longer body profile, this trolley fits 500 track series, and can be used for suspending tools or festooning.
2- The versatile trolley is available for all track series, and is designed for when a vertical load needs to be applied without side loading. The ears on both ends of the body allow for optional accessories, such as bumpers, track brushes, or tractor.

>> Characters

◆ Trolley travelling use seperate drive;
◆ Equipped with the derailment prevention board;
◆ Optional speed control module, and can realize the micro speed and double speed.
◆ Anti-collision, sound and light alarm devices.
◆ Equipped with rail clamp
◆ Speeding protection, zero pressure protection, the lightning protection
Double girder gantry crane is applicable for the workshops, freight yards and warehouses in stations, ports and mining enterprises, hoisting, transporting and loading all kinds of materials in the fixed spans.
Type Lift capacity (t) Span (m) Aux. Lift speed (m/min) Lift speed (m/min) Crane speed (m/min) Travel speed (m/min) lift height (m) Aux. lift height (m) Work duty
MG double gantry crane 10 18,22   7.4 32.5 45 11   A5
26,30,35 40
16/3.2 18,22,26 11.2 9.4 40 44.8 12 16
30,35 38.3
 20/5 18,22,26 12.6 5.8 39.5 44.6 12 14
30,35 40
 32/5 18,22,26,30,35 15 7.7 38.6 42 12 14
 50/10 30,35 19.8 7.68 38.6 42.7 15 15.9
75/20 40 19.8 7.68 38.9 38.9 22 22
100/20 16 9.28 4.62 17.8 13.1 16 17.5
According to different environments and purposes, the crane can fall into many models such an low speed,explosion proof, insulation, electromagnetic, bucket grab, double trolleys and dual purposes, and triplicate purposes.

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