Heavy duty pulling electric wirerope winch

Heavy duty pulling electric wirerope winch

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Electric winch can be fixed on top to lift heavy goods on ground and also can be fixed on ground to pull goods in different directions with pulley block.

>> Product presentation

Heavy Duty Power Winches
Heavy Duty Winch

>> Features:

◆ Single drum or dual drum
◆ Frequent reversal
◆ High starting torque
◆ Button or cam control

>> Product Basic Item:

Winch (which is also called windlass) is an equipment whose work is finished by man or engine power to drive the drum roll and the steel wire wind the drum roll. It can lift the material by vertical, horizontal or leaning directions. Winch can be classified into manual winch and electric winch and now electric winch is main winch.

Main parts:
1.Wire Rope
a.The wire rope meets the requirements of GB/T8918, its safety factor greater than 5.
b.The Security lap number of Wire rope retained on the drum should not less than three rounds. When Wire rope retained on the drum just two rounds, the wire rope can withstand 125% of rated load.
2.Drum & drum shaft
a.The drum diameter not less than 19 times of the wire rope diameter.
b.The drum wall can withstand the wrapped tight force of wire rope; the side can withstand the lateral force produced by wire rope.
c.The distance between drum side plate peripheral to the outermost roll rope not less than twice of the wire rope diameter.
3.Brake & clutch
a.The brake wheel generally use ZG270-500, when the brake wheel diameter less than 300mm, it can use HT200.
b.When the clutch is in a relaxed state, the two joints should be completely separated.
4.Motor & Electrical system
a.The duty of the motor and quota in accordance with GB/T755 rules.
b.The protection grade motor, button, switch and other electrical device not lower than GB4942.1 and IP44 level specified in the T4942.2.
c.Electrical control equipment and component set in cabinet; electrical box has a door lock.
d.The electrical equipment installed firmly, electrical connection is good, not easy to loose, and in accordance with the provisions of GB50150.
a.Reducer is mainly composed of transmission parts, shaft, bearing, box and its accessories.
b.The function of reducer is to match speed and transfer torque between motor and working machine or actuator.

>> Characters

◆ 3ton with 180m wire rope, motor power 7.5kw,speed: 10m/min, wire rope dia:16mm
◆ 5ton with 250m wire rope, motor power 11kw, speed: 10m/min,wire rope dia:22mm
◆ 10ton with 450m wire rope, motor power 30kw, speed 9m/min, wire rope 30mm
◆ Also we can supply any length wire rope on drum as client requirement
applicable to port building, traction of shipyard, steel structure transport and assemble, disassemble, pulling machines. Its feature is that line rope pull large, sometimes with rope guider for wire rope dispose trimly, safety and credible
Small pull capacity mostly are applicable for construction, lifting, disassembly, traction, assembly in construction company, mine, factory and so on.
Model JK1 JK3 JK5 JK8 JK10
Line pull capacity (kg) 1000 3000 5000 8000 10000
Wire rope average speed (m/min) 30 30 28 20 19
Wire rope Dia.( mm): 9.3 15.5 21.5 26 30
Reduction box Type JZQ350 JZQ500 JZQ650 JZQ650 JZQ750
Transmission ratio 31.5 23.34 40.17 23.34 23.34
Drum (mm) Diameter() 190 325 406 500 550
Length 360 520 840 900 1000
Capacity(m) 110 200 300 300 450
motor Type Y132M-4 YZR225M-8 YZR250M1-8 YZR250M1-6 YZR250M2-6
Power(kW) 7.5 22 30 37 45
Rotating speed(r/min) 1440 715 864 960 960
Hydraulic Brake YWZ-200/25 YWZ-200/25 YWZ-300/45 YWZ-300/45 YWZ-400
Dimension (cm) 945x97x60 147x140x95 186x166x95 240x180x110 250x190x120
Weight(kg) 460 1200 2700 4000 5000
1. Consider the load capacity.

2. Determine the rope capacity suitable for your working situation.

3. Decide how much to spend.

4. Tell us the basic information you got, and we will make out a suitable solution and offer you careful, prompt reply.

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