European mini electric chain hoist

European mini electric chain hoist

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>> Product presentation

electric mini chain hoist
Mini Electric Hoist Supplier

>> Features:

◆ Side magnetic braking device
◆ Light aluminum alloy shell
◆ Inverse phase sequence protecting device
◆ Limit switch
◆ Light, handsome and durable chain bag.
◆ Electromagnetic contactor

>> Product Basic Item:

Introduction of chain hoists:
The shell is made of light aluminum shell, light but hard. The cooling fin is specially designed to ensure quick heat dissipation with the rate up to 40% and continuous service.
The integral enclosed structure is applicable to place like chemical plant and electroplate factory.
2.The Electromagne Brake
Electromagnetic brake is featured by its unique brake design. It immediately operates when power cuts off (even if the hoist is fully-loaded)
3.The Mechainical Load Bake
The limit switch device is installed where the weight is lifted on and off to make the motor to stop automatically so as to prohibit the chains from exceeding for safety.
The hook is constructed of anti-pull and heat-treated steel and heat-treated steel and meets required standards .The lower-hook can turn 360 degree ;its tongue provides a guarantee for safety.
5.Hook and safety tongue
It is hot forging with perfect strength that is hard to break. The operation safety of the lower hook is ensured by its 360 degrees rotation and safety tongue piece.
6.Support frame
The loading support frame consists of two steel plates, which is extremely sturdy.
24V/36V transformer device .The device is used to prohibit unexpected accidents caused by electric leakage and guarantees the safe uses while raining.
8. Electromagnetic contactor
Electromagnetic contactor can be used safely under high frequency.
9.The back-phase protect
The back-phase protects the motor from overheating in the case of wrong phase position.
10. Limit switch
The power will cut off automatically when the hoist ascends to its limit.
11.The emergency -stop switch(if selected)
This switch is used to stop the hoist in the an emergency. The red and mushroom-shaped switch is located on the top of the switch controller .When pressed and held down ,the power will be cut off and the switch be locked. A clockwise-turn can unlock it and restart the hoist.
12.Outstand Service:
We can provide not only amazing products, but also special ones designed at requests. We'll do our best to meet the need of customers.
13. Packaging and delivery detail
Cartons or wooden cases, on pallets, and we can also make the packing according to buyers request

>> Characters

◆ Compact structure
◆ Advanced calculation and CAD programs
◆ Future-oriented technology: two-speed hoist and cross travel drives, standard motor protection
◆ Protection class: IP54&IP65
◆ Power supply 3 phase, 00-600v,50/60Hz
◆ Noise (single/double speed):81Db
Widely used in workshop, warehouse, power generation, logistics, wharf and construction industries.
Model Capacity (Ton) Lifting speed

Lifting Motor

Operating motor

Power (KW) Rotation speed
phases Voltage
Rotation speed
Operating speed
phases Voltage
0.5T-01 0.5 7.8 1.1 1440 3 220-440 50 0.12 1440 24 3 220-440 50 58-127
1T-01 1 6.8 1.5 1440 3 220-440 50 0.4 1440 11/21 3 220-440 50 68-130
1T-02 1 3.9 1.1 1440 3 220-440 50 0.4 1440 11/21 3 220-440 50 68-130
2T-01 2 6.6 3.0 1440 3 220-440 50 0.4 1440 11/21 3 220-440 50 82-153
2T-02 2 3.4 1.5 1440 3 220-440 50 0.4 1440 11/21 3 220-440 50 82-153
3T-01 3 5.6 3.0 1440 3 220-440 50 0.75 1440 11/21 3 220-440 50 100-178
3T-02 3 4.4 3.0 1440 3 220-440 50 0.75 1440 11/21 3 220-440 50 100-178
Pls tell us the following information before we could offer price:
1. Capacity
2. Lifting height
3. Lifting speed (single or dual)
4. Voltage of your country
5. Your estimated quantity

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